Research poster

This Friday there will be a Research Celebration Day at my University. So all researchers were offered to make a poster and present it. I was not sure whether I would have enough time to do since there are so many things I have to do right now. But I decided to give it a try. So I spent all my free time at the weekend making a research poster.

I have not done it before so I was not sure where to start.  Mindmapping helped as always. I find mindmapping one of the most useful tools that I use  constantly in the research process. So I designed several sections including the Research problem, Research focus, Methodology and Research Impact. I also found this online tutorial very helpful . You can see the results of my ‘hard’ work here)) Poster

In general,  I found the exercise of making a research poster really useful. It can be quite a challenging task to present your project on a sheet of paper. But at the same time it helps you to focus your ideas, refine research questions and engage other people in your research. I am looking forward to presenting the poster and answering the questions. There is a also a prize of £100 for the best poster. Hope to get it too)))


About elenaphd

I am a PhD fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. In my research project I am looking at employability of social science doctoral researchers.
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2 Responses to Research poster

  1. Well done on winning first prize today.

  2. carolshan says:

    Congratulations!!! hope more blessings come.
    Top School Graduate

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