I won!!!


I won first prise and £100 for simply presenting my research poster at the Graduate School Research Poster Competition. I can hardly believe it. The competition took place as a part of the Celebration of Research day. All research posters were presented in three different categories: Arts/Humanities/Business, Health and  Computing and Engineering. So I was the winner in the first category))) Incredible!!!

I was also very happy to talk to people on my research project. I think it can be really inspiring to see that people are really interested in your research. For me it is even more inspiring to see the impact that my research can have on people.

Soon I’ll be presenting my research poster again at the ESRC Research methods festival in Oxford. Look forward!!!


About elenaphd

I am a PhD fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. In my research project I am looking at employability of social science doctoral researchers.
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4 Responses to I won!!!

  1. Raquel says:

    Congratulations Elena!!!! You are super!!!!!! xx

  2. sohaila says:

    Hi Elena, I have read your blogs and they are really interesting. i wonder if you can help me i am really interested in doing my PHD but i dont know where to start. At the moment i have BSc and Msc in social sciences, could you advise of what i should do?

    • elenaphd says:

      Dear Sohaila! Thanks a lot for your comment and interest in my blog. Apologies for the delay. I am very glad to hear that you are planning to embark on a PhD journey. Have you got the topic that you would like to explore? Sometimes universities can offer a topic and normally they already have funding for this too. So you can check on the websites of some individual unis whether they have scholarships or not. I’ve recently seen the advert about some studentships at Plymout uni http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/pages/view.asp?page=35901. Have a look and hope you will fine smth ingteresting. Also you need to explore the field a wee bit and see whether there is certain professor you would like to do the project with. Choice of a supervisor is a very important thing. And maybe read some blogs too to get an insight into a PhD life:) Good luck, and keep me posted about your progress:)

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