Where does inspiration come from? – From an academic, innovator and a retired man…

How often do you feel fortunate? Fortunate not because you won a lottery or bought a house but because you do what is meaningful and what makes a difference to the lives of others? I have not felt that for some time…But I do feel lucky when I meet people who remind me of this…about the importance of vision and values that drive you on your way to the stars. I believe in signs and that certain people become those important signs that can changes our lives. If we choose to…

I’ve met Professor Barnett at one of the research events at our university. He talked about his life, career, inspiration, writing and where his good ideas come from…I remember so vividly the passion with which he talked about writing and that writing, a word, will change this world. It has changed his life, and he feels very grateful for all the happiness that writing has brought to him. What stroke me is his genuine wiliness to help us, early career researchers, and transfer that passion for discovering, researching, writing and sharing…What is your passion?

Alfredo Zolezzi  is a lifelong innovator. But not only that, for me and I am sure for his team at the Advanced Innovation Centre in Chile, he is an inspirational leader, the person who is driven by the vision and the values to make this world better. Technology and poverty must talk!!! This is the vision of this  innovator that drives many researchers in Chile to create and be the change they want to see in the world. This vision drove the process of creating a plasma water sanitation system. This low cost and efficient method can help millions of people in the areas that have clean water problems. Alfredo reminded me what research and innovation should be all about. It’s not enough just to be excellent at what you do, you need to see and remember why you do it. What is the bigger picture and impact of what you are doing?  Thank you, Alfredo, for being an inspiration and reminding me of what research and…life really… should be all about. Be visionary!

My friend Tony is 72 and is now settled in the Lake District. Tony is a former graduate of Cambridge university and a retired academic with many years of research experience. What amazes me in Tony is his passion for life, his untiring desire to explore, learn and develop….his permanent curiosity for everything that is happening around. I wish I could be like that when I am 72 🙂 For me he is a constant reminder that we need to hurry up to live, love and create…Life is too short not to do…Stay curious!:)

This is where my inspiration for research and life comes from –  from an academic, innovator and a retired man. Where does yours?

About elenaphd

I am a PhD fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. In my research project I am looking at employability of social science doctoral researchers.
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2 Responses to Where does inspiration come from? – From an academic, innovator and a retired man…

  1. Loved it Elena!
    Indeed, the examples of other amazing people is for me as well the primary source of inspiration! But also, it’s my unyielding faith in the goodness of humankind. The belief that although white and black are omnipresent (just like yin-yang shows us), we have to support the white!
    Last but not the least, it’s my life purpose that works as a beacon when I feel my boat is adrift in a dark storm and reorients my next steps to the safe harbour!

  2. pikir kool says:

    lol honestly, i’m studying coz it’s so much fun.
    that’s my motivation.
    i can’t really talk bout intellectual stuff in the real world.
    coz ppl might perceive such exchange as snobbish.
    at the unie however, it’s a natural thing.

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